Asset Protection

Risk Insurance

Having insurance against life’s unforeseen circumstances is an important part of your financial planning. You just do not know what is around the corner and what life throws at us.

Jenworth Advisory and Superannuation can assist with a comprehensive needs and risk analysis to assist you in carefully selecting what type and level of cover best suits your circumstances. To put it simply, we will look at you and your family’s needs and future expenses and advise you what amount of cover best suits you.

Our independence ensures that you have access to a range of risk assessment tools and products from the world’s leading providers.

We examine critical criteria including features and benefits, pricing and the reputation and financial strength of providers to develop a range of options to meet your specific circumstances.

Estate Planning

Do you have a Will? Estate planning is too often overlooked when developing a financial and life plan. Like assessing risk, estate planning helps provide against unforeseen circumstances to ensure that your finances and assets are protected and dealt with in the manner you envisaged and intended. In most circumstances, many of us will get a Will or Power of Attorney in due course, or when needed, however it never is a problem until it is all too late leaving a legal mess for your love one to work out. Jenworth Advisory and Superannuation together with their Estate Planning lawyers can assist with developing, establishing and keeping current your estate plan through a will and where appropriate powers-of-attorney.

If you have an SMSF , it is highly recommended that you are properly advised by a Financial Planner together with a Estate Planning Lawyer to ensure that your estate is passed on correctly and tax effectively without fuss.

Purchasing an investment property through a SMSF offers great reward. Discover the benefits by simply completing the form to download our FREE eBook.

Inside You Will Learn about the benefits, including:

  1. How to pay zero capital gains and income tax on an investment property in your SMSF
  2. Direct control over your super investments
  3. Diversification of your investments

This eBook also explains the requirements of purchasing an investment property within a SMSF.

  • If purchasing an investment property in your SMSF is the right decision for you
  • Requirements to setup a SMSF
  • Requirements to manage a SMSF

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