Self Managed Super Fund


Superannuation is your investment for your retirement.

Did you know that you can take control of your own superannuation and use it as an effective tax saving and wealth creation tool? A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), is a super fund that is managed by the people who invest in it. Like other super funds, the assets and money in a self-managed super fund are solely for retirement benefits. It cannot be used to run a business, renovate a house or benefit you before retirement.

SMSF provide the same function as other super funds as they invest contributions and make them available to its members on retirement. However unlike other super funds, the members of self-managed super funds are also the trustees, and they decide what the contributions are invested in and how benefits are paid. Perhaps the biggest benefit of a self-managed super fund is that you control what you invest in.

Jenworth Advisory and Superannuation provides comprehensive self managed superannuation set-up, administration and advice service to help you stay in control of your super fund and in compliance with all legal and regulatory obligations.

Benefit with Jenworth Advisory and Superannuation and gain:

  • Full expert knowledge ready to handle your Self Managed Super Fund setup and administration tasks
  • Direct access to our team of expert SMSF advisors , Accountants, SMSF investment consultants, Financial Planners, SMSF Finance brokers and SMSF Property experts.
  • Expert knowledge and peace of mind knowing your fund is in complete compliance with the current super laws and regulations with the ATO.

While it may seem a complex process , Jenworth can help talk you through the steps involved with SMSF, the associated costs and running costs, and how it works . Only then will you understand and appreciate whether it is the right option for you. We pride ourselves in our modern day approach to Financial Planning and Superannuation and specialise SMSF advice and investment. So take control of your future and super and call us on 1300 800 721.

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What is the difference between a Corporate Trustee and Individual Trustee?

A corporate trustee is when a company is the trustee. Each director of the company is a member of fund, and each member of the fund must also be a director of the company.

When a fund has individual trustees, each member of the fund is a trustee.

The main difference is that it is easier, and cheaper for fund members to change (ie new members join, other members leave) if the trustee is a company. For example a new member may join if the fund is established by mum and dad and their child wants to join once they start making superannuation contributions.

Regardless of which method is chosen, all members of the fund are required to be trustees, which ensures each member is fully involved and has the opportunity to participate in the decision making process of the fund.

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  1. How to pay zero capital gains and income tax on an investment property in your SMSF
  2. Direct control over your super investments
  3. Diversification of your investments

This eBook also explains the requirements of purchasing an investment property within a SMSF.

  • If purchasing an investment property in your SMSF is the right decision for you
  • Requirements to setup a SMSF
  • Requirements to manage a SMSF

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