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Jenworth Advisory and Superannuation together with its preferred lending partners will research, source and advise you on the best loan and product to meet and service your SMSF investment requirements.

Many people engage mortgage brokers and lending managers from banks to obtain their finance. But often we find that the loans are not structured correctly to meet their investment requirements, especially when dealing in assessing and obtaining an approval for SMSF property purchases.

We understand the importance of seeking the right loan for your SMSF needs.

Best of all, our SMSF finance brokers will do this free of charge. If they can’t get you the SMSF loan, then they don’t get paid.

So call us now on 1300 800 721  and make an appointment to see one our SMSF finance brokers.

Obtaining a pre-approval for finance for my SMSF property purchase?

Things you need to take into account before buying a property with your super:

Does the SMSF have the cash flow and capacity to service the loan?

The bank will value the property and assess the rental income and all additional super contributions can cover and met the loan. Our SMSF finance broker solely specialises in assessing and obtaining you a pre-approval on behalf of your SMSF, so you know exactly what your SMSF can borrow.

Does your SMSF permit this type of borrowing?

You need to make sure that your Bare Trust deeds, allows you to borrow on behalf of your SMSF. Our SMSF accountants will ensure that your SMSF can borrow and all the necessary deeds allow your SMSF to borrow and buy property within the banks guidelines

Your SMSF must be able to cover all costs?

Your SMSF is responsible for all the costs involved with your property purchase, therefore is responsible for the council rates, interest and loan repayments, lenders fee’s, legal and accounting fees, property management costs and insurances. Our expert SMSF team and finance brokers will ensure that your SMSF can met these expenses when assessing your finance for your purchase taking into account all of your SMSF running expenses.

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  1. How to pay zero capital gains and income tax on an investment property in your SMSF
  2. Direct control over your super investments
  3. Diversification of your investments

This eBook also explains the requirements of purchasing an investment property within a SMSF.

  • If purchasing an investment property in your SMSF is the right decision for you
  • Requirements to setup a SMSF
  • Requirements to manage a SMSF

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